Kirsty Purvis school of dance Code of conduct and professional practice






·         Deal honestly with money, information, people and resources

·         Respect the confidentiality of colleagues and students

·         Not misrepresent qualifications

·         Behave courteously and responsibly at all times






·         maintain up to date knowledge of subject matter

·         maintain up to date knowledge of safe practice

·         Maintain good practice of studio management, address individual learning needs and provide constructive feedback to all to aid learning.






·         work in a positive manner, co-operating with other organisations and individuals

·         ensure that all facilities are adequately maintained (suitable flooring, heat and ventilation, secure, safe changing area, be medically responsible and adhere to all fire regulations)

·         take responsibility for professional development

·         seek to promote equal opportunities and avoid any type of discrimination






·         Comply with all statutory requirements affecting the business (including; public and employer liability insurance, music copyright and associated licenses, income tax and any other matter required by law.)









March 2018