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B.Phil (hons), LRAD, ARAD, AISTD (CDE)

Worcestershire County Council Licensed Chaperone


Educated at Bush Davies School, the Legat School of Russian Ballet, the Royal Academy of Dance and Durham University.

Kirsty has a B. Phil (hons.) in Ballet and Contextual Studies and is a licentiate of the Royal Academy of Dance. Qualified with the three year teaching Diploma from the Royal Academy of Dance and is an Examiner for the Royal Academy of Dance, travelling this country and the world.

She is also a fully licensed chaperone for Worcestershire County Council and therefore has up to date knowledge of both government and local council policies for the safeguarding of children in her care.

Kirsty has been dancing since the age of 2 ½ and teaching for over 20 years, with many past pupils going on to appear on stage and screen.

Kirsty Purvis School of Dance started in 2004 and offers classes in Ballet, Tap, Modern & Jazz - All ages from 3 years to adults!

Before establishing her own school, kirsty taught in London, Eastbourne and Worcester.

In 2010 kirsty adjudicated the RAD northern awards day in Leeds.

She has choreographed numerous shows, including pantomimes, at the Norbury Theatre.

Kirsty endeavours to ensure an open and honest two way process of communication, directing classes to best meet the needs of pupils. She offers a structured approach to teaching to provide a stable environment for growth and development.




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Abigail has been dancing at Kirsty Purvis School of Dance since she was 3 years old.  She is now 14 and still thoroughly enjoys dancing.  Being a pupil at Kirsty’s Dance School has provided many opportunities for Abigail, she has attended a workshop at the Royal Academy of Dance which really improved her stage performance.  Abigail has also danced in many Pantomimes at the Norbury Theatre as well as the School Dance Shows. 


Abigail attends grade 4 ballet, intermediate foundation ballet and pointe classes.  She loves coming to classes and when she’s had a particularly bad day, her classes cheer her up and she comes out with the smile back on her face.  Abigail’s dance classes also benefit her in school life and she’s taking dance as one of her GCSE’s.  Ballet improves her fitness and core strength which helps her in other sports.


Abigail loves working with Miss Kirsty and helping her with her younger classes.  She enjoys helping the younger children as they are all such different characters and have happy personalities. 


Abigail says “Miss Kirsty is an inspiration, she has the right mix of discipline and kindness.  I really enjoy my classes and have made some friends for life”.
































Eleanor started dancing at the age of 4 at Maureen Axe School of Dance, in New Zealand which is where she first found her love of dance. I

She currently dances at Kirsty Purvis School of Dance which has offered her many opportunities such as being able to perform in dance shows, pantomimes and exams.

Eleanor is now taking classes in grade 4 ballet, intermediate ballet, pointe, jazz and tap which she thoroughly enjoys.

Helping out with the little ones in their lessons has helped Eleanor be more confident and resilient in and outside of dance. It makes her so proud when any one of the children is able to perform a step, especially if they were previously struggling with it. Helping out with these classes never fails to make her happy.

Eleanor loves dancing because she believes it is a way of expressing yourself and also a way to relieve stress. The variety of lessons she takes part in, also helps in school as she has taken dance as a GCSE course.

Her favorite thing about the dance school is how close everyone is and how it is like one big family. Eleanor also loves how the lessons concentrate on technique but are also really fun at the same time.


"Thank you Miss Kirsty for all the opportunities you have given to me, and for putting so much effort into all of your students".



































Rhiannon has been dancing at Kirsty Purvis School of Dance for eleven years. She takes classes in ballet, pointe, tap and modern every week and through workshops and shows has taken classes in contemporary, lyrical, jazz and national dance.


Rhiannon has had so many different opportunities including taking part in dance school shows and local pantomimes at a theatre where she discovered her love of performing. She also has the chance to take part in dance exams that has enabled her to gain recognition for the level of her dancing. In addition, Rhiannon has been lucky enough to have the experience of being an assistant teacher. This usually involves helping members of a younger class when they find a particular exercise or step challenging or teaching a warm up to the class. Rhiannon enjoys this aspect of dance life so much as she not only feels a sense of pride when the children are able to do something that they have been struggling with but she also finds it very interesting learning how to teach what she knows to a class with the guidance of Miss Kirsty.


Dancing has always been a huge part of Rhiannon's life and thanks to Miss Kirsty and the school, she has exceeded her personal expectations, going from a four year old who couldn't skip and scared of being on stage to dancing four nights a week and loving taking part in shows and performances. Her favorite things about the school are that everyone is so welcoming and friendly, like one big family, and that each and every student is valued and appreciated regardless of their ability- that's something really special!